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Please note by registering to this site, you consent to BYP Group contacting you for the purposes of this project. The Australia Council has engaged BYP Group to coordinate the Re-imagine consultation process. BYP Group is an award-winning independent creative industries and social change consultancy with a special focus on diversity, inclusion and equity.

The Australia Council for the Arts takes the privacy of the participants using this site seriously.

This data collection statement applies specifically to any demographic information we may collect about you in the process of using this site, such as information about your cultural background, gender and disability. For information about the broader collection and use of personal information by the Australia Council, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Statement on the use of demographic information

Any demographic data we collect about you through this site, such as information about your cultural background, gender and disability, will only be used for the purpose of conducting this public consultation project called Re-imagine: What Next?

The Australia Council for the Arts and BYP Group, the consultants engaged by Council to facilitate this public consultation, are bound by the Australia Council for the Arts Privacy Policy in the collection and use of information.

We are also guided by the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research and the Guidelines for Ethical Research in Australian Indigenous Studies that ensures we follow a process of meaningful engagement and reciprocity between the Council (and the consultant on our behalf) and the individuals and/or communities involved in the consultation process.

All information collected through the platform will be de-identified when extracted and used for analysis.

Why we are collecting demographic information:

  • We are collecting demographic information so we can understand and demonstrate that the consultation process has reached a diverse range of stakeholders.
  • Recognising that stakeholders will hold a range of views, we need to collect a range of demographic information that will help us consider and understand the diversity of stakeholder views.

How we will use your demographic information

  • We will analyse the data using tools that draw out insights from statistics as well as understand patterns within detailed responses.
  • The insights will be included in a report to the Council to inform decisions on future directions and advocacy, and to report back to stakeholders about insights and outcomes.
  • Data will only be used for the purposes of undertaking analysis of responses to the consultation.

Who it will be disclosed to:

  • Data collected will be accessed by BYP Group and the Australia Council in compliance with terms outlined above.
  • All reporting both to the Australia Council, and publicly, will not include any information that risks the identification of any individuals who participate.
  • The Australia Council for the Arts owns the data collected, BYP Group is contractually obligated to comply with the Australia Council for the Arts' Privacy policy.